The American Political Party (TAPP)
America needs Another Political party, not another Third Party
Now is the time, and Hawaii is the place to form it.
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America needs Another Political Party — not another "Third"Party that all end up being og two types: The alter ego of the latest messiah. Gaggles whose size is self–limited by narrowly focusing on a single issue — often just a glittering generality — in which a meaningful majority sees no value, let alone benefit.

Here are some of the many reasons why:

  1. Do you believe, America's Founders could have remained loyal members of a moribund Monarchy, corrupted by too much power held too long, and "worked from within" to "reformed" it into America?

    America's Founders didn't. Neither does TAPP.

    Begining over from a clean slate worked well then. TAPP believes it would work well now.
  2. The knee-jerk reaction to suggesting the need for Another Party is it will just "split the vote". But that's only true of Third Parties led by village idiots who decide the party's first goal should be to elect a President of it's very own.

    There's plenty for Another Party to do as it cuts it's teeth in one state after another. There are State Legislature seats, then mayor and governor seats, and eventually Congressional seats — too many with incumbents staking out unchallenged owership for seemingly glacial periods. All long before offering a Presidential candidate some later day makes sense.

    And Hawaii is the place to begin. Years ago, Hawaii's Republican Party support base was large enough to elect over 20 of Hawaii's 85 major State and National offices. Today it is down to 8. And when all 76 State seats were recently up for election following reapportionment, barely half of the incumbents had a serious challenger at all.

    There is nothing left to split. TAPP would just fill the void left by the Hawaii's Republican Party's deconstruction.
  3. The Founders intentionally denied political parties any role in America's government. They did not decree America should be ruled by exactly, and only two of them, let alone that one should be Democrat and one Republican — forever. Instead they warned how dangerous parties can become:

    "The common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it."
    --George Washington, Farewell Address, September 26, 1796

    "I If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all."
    --Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Francis Hopkinson, March 13, 1789

    "In every political society, parties are unavoidable. A difference of interests,real or supposed, is the most natural and fruitful source of them. The great object should be to combat the evil."
    --James Madison, Parties, January 23, 1792

  4. To all things there is a Season — A time to be born, to grow, to flourish, to age, and to die. So too for political parties.

    Therefore, parties must be periodically replaced, just like the Democrat and Republican parties replaced the ones that came before them.

    Otherwise, the government will become the Public's master, with citizen's as its "clients", instead of citizens masters of the governments they create to protect their rights. And office holders will become Rulers, not Public Servants.

    Behaviour of today's two monopoly parties makes now seems a good time, once again, for an old Season to end and a new one begin afresh.
  5. There is room for Another Party. A Party willing to put forward a set of clearly stated principles, would stand in stark contrast to the principle–free, Big–Tent, strategy adopted by both of today's monopoly parties. (Big–Tent being the stratefy of promising whatever it takes, to whoever will take it, to buy a 51% (coin-flip) victory.)

    And as the Founders warned, coin–flip victories leave office holders unable to govern, sow paralysis, breed irrational hatred among neighbors, and encourage corruption in the election process.
  6. The literal definition of "Polarization" is a system with exactly and only two choices. Therefore, leaving America ruled by exactly, and only, two political parties makes polarization a guaranteed outcome, not a temporary aberration.

    Conversely, it is literally impossible to polarize a system with more than two choices.
  7. Another Party would be born powerful not weak. That's because within a polarized system the 2% fringe rules the outcome.

    Look at McCain's little gangs. They wait for the two majorities to deadlock. Then they ride in to dictate the outcome. Or look at the blue–blood Republicans in national control of thier party. They have lost the support of most party members, because they believe the key to power is ignoring their base in the hope of pleasing small finge groups they believe are composed of people they consider minorities.
  8. A system ruled by exactly, and only, two parties is inherently dishonest. The only way to spilt 100% two ways is to give one side a majority, i.e. more than 50%. (The probability of a 50%–50% outcome is effectively zero, or made so by voting rules.)

    People of evil intent will "do whatever it takes" to get the unilateral power of majority rule: People of good intent tell themselves they must "do whatever it takes" to stop them. Both sides become increasingly corrupt and dishonest. Voters lose confidence in both sides, and America is cursed with ever more ungovernable 50%–50% (coin–flip) election outcomes.
  9. Americans are the first People, to define themselves by a set of commonly shared beliefs instead of a common bloodline. A new People all born equal and with a right to be unique.

    Ask a U. S. Citizen what she or he believes is most important to Blacks, Hispanics, or any other group defined by its bloodline. Some will respond with a list. Americans will respond with Which one do you mean?, because everyone has a right to be judged on her or his own merrits, not prejudged according to their bloodline.

    So today Americans deserve a party that sees Americans as One American People individually endowed by their Creator with a right to pursue their own life in their own way. One American People forged from many by its Melting Pot (the fiery crucible used by metalurgists to forge new and better alloys from baser metals). Not as both monopoly parties view the U. S. today. Nothing more than a collection of occupants sorted and kept separate in the little color-coded boxes of a Mosaic promoted by an elite class who see themselves born to be shepherds of those boxes.

    A party that sees Americans as One People, not just a bunch of people fabricated from parts of this other People, parts of that other People, and maybe a bit of that other People over there.

    Americans have done enough to earn the right to be One People of our own. Help establish TAPP to serve those who believe that, and oppose those who prefer to see U. S. Citizens as nothing more than a derivative of others.

George L. Berish
for/The American Political Party
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