TAPP embraces these principles
  • (Inhereted From Declaration of America's existence.)
    • Each is individually endowed with unalienable Rights by the Creator of the Universe : Those rights include, but are not limited to, the rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
  • The legitimate roles of a government are limited to:
    • Protecting the lives and property of its citizens from external aggression. (Military)
    • Protecting the lives and property of its citizens from internal aggression. (Criminal Law, Police and Fire)
    • Providing a just system of resolving non-criminal conflicts. (Civil Law)
    • Money taken from all and used to pay for the benefits above that benefit all, is a legitimate tax: Money taken from a group with less political influence, and used to provide benefits to a group with more, is theft.
    • The only legitimate tax targets are individuals. Turning abstract legal constructs, that only exist on paper, like corporations, and public utilities into stealth tax collectors is theft: It denies the victims from whom the money is ultimately taken, knowledge of how much is taken, and it denies the victims the ability to hold those who serve with their consent accountable.
    • The only legitimate taxes are ones to which a single rate is applied to whichever of the three possible tax bases the governed consent to tax: Income, Consumption, or Wealth. Applying different rates to different people is unjust and, therefore, theft.
    • Sin taxes are an illegitimate means of bypassing justice system and the . When politicians use taxation to inflict punishment for an individual's behavior they act unethically, immorally and illegitimately to steal from citizens their right to the administered in a court of law. It takes from citizens their right to their day in court which is liberty's final bulwark against tyranny by politicians and .
  • An individual with a rifle is a citizen: An individual without one, is a subject.

  • If the United States is to remain , as defined it, the commitment of United States citizens to the must be absolute. The alternative to thef is that knew as . Evidence that affirmatively rejected is the fact that that the Constitution they wrote denies the simple majority any right to ever directly wield any of the government's unlimited power — not even the right to directly elect the President.
  • It is wrong to classify human beings according to any characteristic that is not within the individual's ability to change or reject. That is the definition of bigotry.

    No census form choice is open to all .
        Every choice is legally denied to some.
            [] American would be available to all, and denied to none.
  • Every person has a right to her or his opinions.  No one has a right to be wrong in her or his facts.