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This site is dedicated to creating and sustaining a vigorous offense to protect and preserve the Principles that define America.

And to secure the United States as the continued home of The American People

That's because while US Citizenship is automatic for anyone born in the United States. But being an American is a choice. (please see definition of The American People)

Therefore, while the United States may defend it's claim to a seat in the UN, there's no guarantee it will remain the home of The American People.

One People, forged from Many by America's Melting Pot — the fiery crucible used by metallurgists, to forge alloys from base metals.

Alloys in which the contributions mader by the each base metal, but are superior to each of them. Bronze arms and armor, not tin swords and copper armor. Alloys that retain the strengths of their base metals, while expelling their weaknesses as slag.

More to come. But for now, the point is that the Collectivists have been allowed to attack America for too many decades while a growing Blue Blooded Political Class has scurried, and coward, on defense. Figuratively for decades. Today literally.

A dishonest Political Class that are increasingly elected on the claim they embrace our right, but once in office, proceed to apologize, rationalize, justify, and grovel, in fear of, the Collectivists elites. Seemingly desperate for their approval.

No more!

But under United States Law, citizens cannot just ""Throw The Bums Out. We can only replace them with better.

That means this web site will focus on identifying, recruiting, and electing better people to replace far too many people in public office who see us, the Public, as their clients, and not themselves to be the Public's Servants.

Help will be nice and much appreciated.