Good government is not cheap, so if you want good government, you will have to pay for it with your time and money. If all you do is is withhold your vote and criticize incumbents — no matter how brilliant your satire or witty your sarcasm — you won't get it.
If your dissatisfied with today's political class, and you don't do something to get better government, who will? If you don't help TAPP, who will you help? If you don't help now, when will you help?
If you decide to help TAPP, click here to Contact TAPP and let us know.
If you decide to help with money, please note that untill TAPP is large enough, and rich enough to deal with McCain-Feingold-like , TAPP will avoid the shackles those laws seek to put on challengers by structuring itself to avoid fitting into the tortured definition of "political party" contained in those laws.
As TAPP has long held, and the Supreme Court just confirmed in Citizens United v. FEC, conflict with the Constitutions absolute protection of free speech. Of course they do. Expecting incumbents to level the playing field for challengers seems as foolish as the frog of this fable expecting a scorpion to act against its nature. Regardless, because they conflict with the Constitution they are based on such tortured logic their provisions end up hopelessly inconsistent, and their traps easy to sidestep.
That means TAPP will start as an unincorporated organization that engages in all of these activities:
  • Accepting commissions to write things — modeled after the artist–patron system where artists accept money from patrons and both hope the patron likes what the artist produces despite the absence of a written or implied contract.
  • Selling "liberty credits" — based on the precedent set by Al Gore's sale of ethereal "carbon credits" to garner $600 million. That is still being designed, but a "liberty credit" could represent the cost of planting 100 words in public debate for the greater good. Purchasers would be people without the time to plant trees or arguments, and so buy liberty credits instead.
  • Follow groups like the Bush-Clinton organization that accumulate gifts and then donate them in ways that do good — plus earn them much public exposure and acclaim, and makes them many friends in high places.
  • Exercise the right to accept gifts of any amount of money — that do not subject subject, or entitle, anyone to a tax deduction, tax–includable income, or any obligation. Note: a gift that exceed $11,000 per year impose a gift tax on the person who makes it.
For its own purposes, TAPP intends to post every receipt and every expenditure on its web site. TAPP's Revenue Table and TAPP's Expense Table.
If an identifier of up to 25 characters accompanies a payment, TAPP will include it when posting the receipt of that payment on its web page. That permits TAPP to relying on anyone who makes a payment that is not posted to report it.
When TAPP's revenues exceed $100,000 it intends to obtain an unqualified audit opinion and post it on this site. Until then the cost isn't justified.

If you are uncomfortable offering money without a greater guarantee, TAPP is not for you.  if you can't trust TAPP with a contribution now, how could you trust the candidates it puts in public office to handle more money with less reporting later?