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This page will be dedicated to creating a forum for real debate.

That means debates in which there is an assertion to be debated. With one debater For the assertion and one and Against. An intelligent, intellectually honest moderator to administer the rules of intelligent debate. And an audience to decide which side presented by most compelling arguments.

And money enough to make it worth intelligent people's time to participate as debaters or judges.

Not the vaudvillian stage on which TV hosts a buearty contest for over sized egos lost in the fantasy of their own self-promotion. Unencumbered by honesty or honor. And certainly not troubled by ignorance of most everything but cheap politics

Overseen by partisan fanatics masqurading as "moderators".

Women and men who presume themselves to be superior to the participants ... heck superior to everyone they consider the ignorant masses.

Fairly described I think as wanna–participants who are too insignificant to interest anyone in having them as such.

This will take serious programming. So help from anyone currently able in that area ... Javascript, secure web sockets, serverside data base management, and HTML advanced enough to support poll collecting, or interested in becomming able, in that would be wonderful.